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Фінансування сектору протидії корупції міжнародними організаціями дозволяє нам залучати необхідні для реалізації наших кампаній та проектів кошти.

Утім, ми залишаємо відкритими наші банківські реквізити для тих, хто вважатиме за можливе і далі демонструвати довіру нашій команді своїми пожертвами.

About us

Who We Are:

ACREC — Anti-Corruption Researh and Educational Center (ACREC) is a research center that carries out educational and scientific activities and brings together domestic and foreign scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers, doctoral students, post-graduate students, students and practitioners in the field of prevention and counteraction to corruption.

What We Do:

We are studying the phenomenon corruption, we are also looking for new approaches and learning how to fight with it.


Governance without corruption — is a new norm in society in 2038.


Form a new school of anti-corruption thoughts to establish a new social agreement without corruption.
Provide agents of changes with tools, theoretical and practical knowledge for their professional training.
Become a communication platform for agents of change in the post-Soviet space.



  • National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy;
  • The Anti-Corruption Action Center;
  • ТІ Ukraine;
  • Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation in the U.S.