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Research project “Opening the black box of political will:
Local public authorities and anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine”

Pervasive corruption presents a challenge to scholars, practitioners and activists. The importance of political will for the success of anti-corruption reforms is widely recognized, but our understanding of why political will arises (or not) is lacking. This research aims to dissect the concept of political will with regards to anti-corruption policies among local public authorities (LPAs). This project addresses the question: Why, in a context where corruption is widespread, do some local public authorities engage in meaningful anti-corruption efforts while others do not?

Within the research, a qualitative comparative case study of the political will for anti-corruption at the sub- national level in Ukraine in eight cities – the oblast (regional capitals) is proposed.

Detailed research design to the project can be found by the link – here.

The book “Civil Society vs. Corruption in Ukraine ” was prepared by the ACREC team of analysts in collaboration with  Leiden University within the research project “Civil Society Against Corruption in Ukraine: Political Roles, Advocacy Strategies and Impact” with the financial support of Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

This book is devoted to the role of anti-corruption CSOs in Ukraine. In particular, it explores the ways of influence of local CSOs in the field of anti-corruption, the contextual factors influencing anti-corruption activities in the regions of Ukraine,  the framing of corruption by anti-corruption organisations and the process of forming their action strategies, as well as the issue of financing anti-corruption organisations in Ukraine in the context of its current state and potential risks.

At the moment, the book is available at the ACREC’s Library – here.



This study is devoted to assessing the state of implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2014-2017 and the State Program concerning its implementation during 2015-2016. It is a useful tool for representatives of government agencies and bodies concerned with the formation and implementation of state anti-corruption policy; scientists who carry out research on corruption; NGOs activists and journalists who specialize in preventing and combating corruption and those who are interested in anti-corruption issues. The study was performed in two languages: Ukrainian (link: /wp-content/uploads/2017/02/nalitychne-doslidzhennya.pdf) and English (/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/aas-eng-3-2.pdf).


ACREC REVIEW is a periodical analytical issue of the Anti-Corruption Research and Education Center NaUKMA. This issue is dedicated  to the problem fighting corruption. The challenge of increasing the effectiveness of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention is analyzed in the first issue of the ACREC REVIEW (link:


Research project “Civil Society Against Corruption in Ukraine” in cooperation with the University of Leiden
The Anti-Corruption Research and Education Center of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (ACREC) in cooperation with the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) launched their first joint research project, the main goal of which is to uncover the factors which explain the successes and challenges of the anti-corruption activities of Ukrainian civil society.
To achieve this goal, the political role of social organizations and activists, the educational strategies which they use, and their organizational forms will be explored. The project will result in the following publications: a literature review, two working papers, two policy briefs and a book. For more details follow the link: