Фінансування сектору протидії корупції міжнародними організаціями дозволяє нам залучати необхідні для реалізації наших кампаній та проектів кошти.

Call for participants in “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters”: Spotting Agents of Change for Good Governance – Walking with Thinking

Are you interested in corruption investigation and prevention as well as civil activism for good governance? Then, we invite you to apply to be a Team Member of the project, which will create an anti-corruption tour around Kyiv!

What is it about?

The project will bring together a team of German and Ukrainian participants with the goal of creating an educational citywalk in Kyiv, which will inform tourists from Ukraine and from abroad about corruption and its prevention. The participants will also set up a website, where the tour itinerary and information will be available for public use in Ukrainian and English. To prepare the tour, the participants will meet the German and Ukrainian change agents – civil society activists, NGOs and state institutions with the focus on anti-corruption and good governance. Through engaging with these agents in the course of interactive workshops, the participants will learn about the causes and consequences of corruption and constructive anti-corruption solutions. They will also gain necessary theoretical knowledge by attending an interdisciplinary conference in Essen “Friends of Foes of Transformation? Economic Elites in Ukraine in Historical and Comparative Perspective”. German NGO LobbyControl, who introduced similar tour about lobbyism in Berlin, will serve as a role model for this joint German-Ukrainian product. Anti-Corruption Research and Education Centre (ACREC) will use the elaborated tour as a basis for the further development of its content.

Who are we looking for?

A student or an activist 18-35 years old, German or Ukrainian citizen, interested in corruption prevention and/or public education about good governance. Besides, we seek to create an interdisciplinary team on the crossroads between history (also, history of Kyiv), educational tourism and urban studies, communications (journalism, SMM, PR) and policy research (education in political science, law), software development and graphic design, so possessing any or several of the mentioned skills would be appreciated. Ukrainian and English – fluent, knowledge of German is an advantage.

When and where?

The encounters take place in Germany (Essen and Berlin) on 6-13 July 2017 and in Ukraine (Kyiv) on 12-19 September 2017. The participants are expected to participate in both encounters.

What are the conditions?

Travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future”. We expect active participation, co-creation and collaboration in the group also between both encounters, since it is the Team Members who will be the authors of the tour.

How to apply?

Please fill in this form by April, 26, 23:59 and send your CV to apply2meetup@gmail.com (in case of questions, use this email too)

This project is initiated by the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities in Essen (Germany) and Interdisciplinary Anti-corruption Research and Education Centre, based at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

The project is funded by the “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters” programme of the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ) with support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Germany and Robert Bosch Foundation.