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A lecture on “How to count the apartments of the public servant? Using the public databases”, took place in the Anti-Corruption Hub. The financial analyst of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, Antonina Volokotrub told about the registries she was using and many more. She mentioned several examples where the use of information from the registries led to public investigation of odious cases (e.g., Boyko’s towers or Klyuyev brothers’ solar power plants).

Below is the list of major public registers:

Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individuals-Entrepreneurs –  the title of legal entity, the USREOU code, the legal address, the owners, the beneficiary owners, the management body, the director, the activities under Classification of Economic Activities and contact information;

Stock Market Infrastructure Development Agency of Ukraine – information on joint-stock companies;

Unified license registry –  information on the license series and number, type of economic activity, license validity, date of issue, licensing authority (that issued a license);

Register of Bankruptcies – information on the initiation of  bankruptcy procedure, case number (if available) and date of decision on the initiation of  bankruptcy procedure. This data allows to follow the lawsuit and identify the list of creditors in the register of court decisions;

Unified state register of court decisions  – information on the possible economic disputes, which allows to identify the counterparties of the legal entity, servicing banks and financial status of the legal entity.

Find out more about your business partner – information on the registration of legal entity with the State Fiscal Service, absence / presence of a tax debt (Article of the Tax Code, if so). Register of VAT payersе, Register of single tax payers.

Real estate register – information on the real estate ownership, mortgage payment status, and blocked property.

Cadastral map  – information on the land plot owner, if available.

Extract from the Uniform State Register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – vehicle search by the name of the owner or legal entity title.

Official Portal of Public Finances Ukraine – allows to monitor the state expenditures by spending units.

Unified State Register of Persons that Committed Corruption – information on  individuals prosecuted for committing corruptive offenses and subject to court rulings that came into legal force.

Open Data portal – provides access to public information in the form of open data as well as information on public authorities that may be used for further actions.

Lecture on “How to count the apartments of the public servant? Using the public databases” was conducted in the frames of the Project “The Anti-Corruption Hub”. We are organizing an open door event every two weeks. Everyone is welcomed (not only the students of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy). The main purpose of the Project is to inform the people on the corruption in Ukraine, its consequences and methods of countering.

The lecture was organized by the Anti-Corruption Research and Education Center (ACREC) of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.