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Summer School “Investigating and Prosecuting Corruption”, 2017

On July 16-22nd, 2017, the first ACREC Summer School 2017 took place in Ukraine. It was focused on the investigation of corruption crimes based on the training procedures for the NABU operatives.

So, how do you investigate the corruption crime?

It was a five-day unique opportunity for the students to learn the experience of Ukrainian and American colleagues from NABU joined by the FBI agents on how the investigate the financial fraud. The students were able to try themselves in the role of  detectives, prosecutors, lawyers, and witnesses of corruption offenses, trying the convince the real judge in the need to issue a search warrant.

On the third day the students were conducting searches in the premises used for corrupt practices together with detectives and prosecutors. This was a busy time full of violent confrontations, counterfeit money, eating documents, drugs and even firearms. Fortunately, no one was injured and all the evidences were successfully collected by our young detectives.

Although investigating a case is not only about collecting evidences. The investigating judge helped to assess each of the presented evidences and offered a substantiated comment on their admissibility.

The last day was dedicated to developing oral argument skills during the mock trial using the life hacks described by the American prosecutors.

Also we spent together 5 wonderful evenings full of dancing, talent shows, sports, and film shows.

ACREC Summer School 2017 was made possible with financial support from the U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine.

We also express our deepest gratitude to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and its Open Office for their assistance in organizing the event.

We are grateful to our instructors and experts:

Olga Kalachova, Cand. Sc. {Law}, ACREC expert;

Natalia Sedletska, journalist,  TV program “Schemes:Corruption in detail”;

Yulia Lisova, lawyer;

Peter Jarosz, US Attorney;

Michael Grant, US Attorney;

Serhii Pidhorets, prosecutor of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office;

Yulia Ivahnina, Head of the Open Office at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine;

Nazar Kulchytskyi, lawyer, national expert at the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine and senior lecturer at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy;

Detectives and analysts from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, FBI agents and analysts as well as judges (their names are not indicated from the safety reasons).