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Selection of participants for the “MeetUp!” project сompleted

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the selection process for International Exchanges Program “Meet Up! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters”: Spotting Agents of Change for Good Governance – Walking with Thinking. This project is funded by the “Memory, Responsibility, Future” organization with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Robert Bosch Foundation.

We have assembled a diverse team that includes students, anti-corruption activists, researchers and individuals interested in event management and communications. These people are united due to their willingness to develop a useful and innovative educational tool in the field of anti-corruption for Ukraine.


Project rationale:


A team of 6 Ukrainian and 6 German participants shall have an opportunity to meet with German and Ukrainian agents of change, represented by the civil society activists and government institutions designed specifically for combating corruption and implementing effective governance. Meeting the representatives of NGOs and anti-corruption institutions would allow the project participants to learn about the causes and consequences of corruption as well as fruitful anti-corruption decisions leading to a development of content for educational tour around Kyiv and a corresponding web page. Project results shall be made available to public in the form of developed tour, a website with information about the tour, and the Project page on Facebook to be managed by the participants in the course of the project.


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