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ACREC opens third Certificate Program “Anti-Corruption Interdisciplinary Studies”

On September 18, the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” hosted the grand opening of the ACREC educational program “Anti-Corruption Interdisciplinary Studies”.

In 2019, the specialized training program in the field of (anti-) corruption started for the third time, bringing together the 30 best participants – representatives of the public sectors, the scientific community, as well as independent experts, activists, and students.

The first welcoming speech at the opening ceremony of the Program was made by the Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine Andriy Borovik. During his speech, he stressed that “Anti-Corruption Studies” is a unique opportunity to gain interdisciplinary knowledge, while immersing oneself in the study of several related disciplines and areas where anti-corruption is located.

“Interdisciplinarity is cool. After all, only in such programs you can study political science, sociology, law, and form a holistic vision of the problem of corruption,” he said.

Next, Oleksiy Orlovsky, Director of the Democratic Practice Program of the International Renaissance Foundation, congratulated future specialists of Anti-Corruption Studies. He stressed that the International Renaissance Foundation sincerely supports the analytical and institutional development of the Interdisciplinary Research and Education Center for Combating Corruption and is proud of the Center’s achievements.

ACREC Education Program Manager Margarita Chabanna and ACREC Executive Director Oksana Nesterenko also greeted the participants. They shared with participants the experience of previous issues, provided practical advice on learning and development prospects after graduation, and inspired the audience with vivid examples of achievements by young professionals and experts who had the opportunity to graduate in Anti-Corruption Studies in previous years.

The grand opening ended with a buffet and friendly networking of participants where everyone had the opportunity to communicate and meet like-minded people.

It will be recalled that Anti-Corruption Interdisciplinary Studies is the first interdisciplinary anti-corruption educational program in Ukraine, which was created to comprehensively study corruption as a socio-legal phenomenon and ways to prevent it. Theorists and practitioners in the field of anti-corruption from Ukraine, the Netherlands, and Germany are invited to give lectures. The program is useful for representatives of anti-corruption bodies and public sector activists, assistants of deputies, NAPC experts, employees of executive authorities and local governments, journalists, teachers who want to improve their skills in this field, lawyers of private companies and students.

The Certified Educational Program is a joint project of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the Anti-Corruption Research and Education Center  in Ukraine, implemented with the support of the Open Society Foundations.