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Фінансування сектору протидії корупції міжнародними організаціями дозволяє нам залучати необхідні для реалізації наших кампаній та проектів кошти.

Утім, ми залишаємо відкритими наші банківські реквізити для тих, хто вважатиме за можливе і далі демонструвати довіру нашій команді своїми пожертвами.

Open discussion “E-Declaration for Anti-Corruption NGOs. For or against”

On March 23rd, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine obliged the representatives of Anti-Corruption Public Organizations to submit e-declarations. This decision resulted in the extensive debates within the society. We kindly invite you to attend on open debates on “E-Declaration for Anti-Corruption Public Organizations. For or against”. You can address those questions directly to the anti-corruption activists.

The law obliged all members of the Anti-Corruption Public Organizations, including managers and counter-agents to register their income by submitting e-declarations.

According to the author of the law, Tetiana Chornovol, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: “It is extremely important for those people (members of the anti-corruption public organizations) to submit e-declarations since their activity is subject to corruption risks.”

Her opponents refer to the following arguments:

  • Violation of regulations while adopting the law;
  • The absence of corruption risks in case of people without the powers of authority;
  • Selective approach to categories of individuals required to submit e-declarations;
  • Potential risks of prosecuting anti-corruption activists for their activity on the part of the state..

Join the debate and we will get to the bottom of it.

Participants of debate: Viktor Taran, Andrii Marusov, Oleksandr Lemenov, Ivan Omelyan, Maryna Tsapok. The number of representatives of the Anti-Corruption Public Organizations may increase.

The debate will take place on 5.04.17 at 19:00 in the premises of KMArt Space (8/5 Voloska Str).

Please register for the event here: