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Lecture “Requesting a bribe? What to do? Practical aspects”

We kindly invite you to visit the lecture of the “Anti-corruption Hub” in 2017 on: “Requesting a bribe? What to do? Practical aspects”.
Everyone understands that offering bribes is a crime. Besides it costs one a pretty penny. But it is not always clear how to respond when someone is asking you for money.  Many people fail to resist the pressure and agree to resolve a problematic issue by doing an illegal payment.
No matter what pressure you are up to, the final decision whether to offer a bribe always rests upon you. We urge you not to accept bribery. And we will teach you how to combat corruption.
You will get answers on what to do if someone is asking you for money. An active law enforcement officer will give you clear instructions on how to counter a bribetaker and explain the peculiarities of investigating this crime. You will have the opportunity to ask clarification questions.
Feel yourself more confident when dealing with bribes by having all the legal tools to counter the criminal acts.
Do you want to know how not to crumble under the pressure of arrogant bribetakers? Join us on January 26th at 7:00 pm in the premise of the Anti-Corruption Hub:  8/5 Voloska Str., KMArtSpace.
Please register for the event here: