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Corruption and cyber-crimes – double challenge for investments

Attracting foreign investment is extremely important for the development of economy in Ukraine. Although potential investors are not so keen about investing their resources in our country. This is because the risks they are facing exceed their expectations many times.  There are two major challenges – corruption and cybercrime.

Cybercrime – is not only a virus that can be found on your computer. Corrupt officials have learned how to use the latest information technologies for money laundering. The U.S. law enforcement agencies are actively combating against those mechanisms.

Should you want to know,

  • How cybercrime is affecting corruption;
  • Why foreign corporations are not so keen about investing into Ukraine;
  • Actions taken by the U.S. law enforcement agencies to effectively combat the corruption cyber crimes;
  • How can this be applied to Ukraine.

May 24th at 18:00 in the American Library of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (8/5 Voloska Str., block 4, room 116). Professor Peter Henning, a well-known U.S. expert in the field of combating corruption will be answering those questions.

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