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Public organizations have undergone effective communication training under the ACREC Mentoring Support Program

As part of the ACREC mentoring program “Capacity Building of Regional / Local Anti-Corruption NGOs in Ukraine”, we held a webinar on effective communication in new media for NGOs. The webinar was coached by Margarita Voloshina, a communication expert. The event was attended by 18 regional anti-corruption NGOs from all over Ukraine.

During the training, participants learned about the concept of new media, such as “clip thinking”, its impact on communication and how you can adjust your content to this type of worldview, for the communication to be the most effective. They were also told about transmedia storytelling, a phenomenon in the media where the story is no longer limited to a single form of media, but spread to other media, where each individual media is a carrier of information, which, as a result of their unification, becomes a single great story. And on the example of specific news showed how it can be submitted in different formats.

The event also discussed current trends and the role of social networks in the context of promoting messages in the field of corruption and anti-corruption activities. We considered the difference between different social networks (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram), learned what are the advanced formats and mechanisms for promoting messages in these networks and much more.

In addition, the participants of the webinar had the opportunity to complete a practical task by analyzing two news items from the participants of the event according to the plan proposed by the trainer.

The topic turned out to be interesting and relevant for all participants, because effective communication today is important in any activity.

It will be recalled that the program is implemented with the support of The Matra Program from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.