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The applications for participation in the Expert Training Sessions “Anti-Corruption Toolkit for an Activist” are invited.


Project name: «Professionalizing Ukrainian Local Anti-Corruption Activism in Eastern Ukraine»

Position: Expert in training sessions on “Anti-Corruption Toolkit for an Activist”;

Country of residence / location of training sessions: Ukraine, Kharkiv;

Name and position of the manager: Oksana Nesterenko, Project Manager

Form of payment: Based on report for provided services upon completion of the training sessions on “Anti-Corruption Toolkit for an Activist”.

Situation and general information on the Project:

The development of professional capacity, civic initiatives, coalitions and networks at the regional and local levels is a pressing concern since the progress in overcoming the systemic corruption in Ukraine is directly linked with the neutralization of corrupt practices at the local level.

The activists lacking professionalism in the form of relevant knowledge and practical skills are unable to deal with all forms of corruption and doomed to failure. The success of any anti-corruption campaign depends on the capability of activists to use the anti-corruption tools and effectively cooperate between each other and the government.

The challenge lies in a significant gap between the activity and professionalism in the regions. Only a small number of professional teams, most of which are located in Kyiv, have the necessary skills.

A number of local workshops on combating corruption have been completed already. The results of those initiatives were not that encouraging. We believe their weakness lies in the absence of the follow up actions.

Therefore, the efforts of this project will be focused on the introduction of a new model of training for regional activists, namely the civic education program of a systemic and periodic nature coupled with the mentoring and teambuilding strategies. Besides, the project provides for joining the activists, that participate in the training process, into networks in order to immediately start the implementation of combined anti-corruption projects under the coordinating efforts of the mentor.

Project purpose: To support the development of professional skills for regional activists and organizations in order to effectively combat the corruption at a local level.

Topic of the training modules:

  • The essence and economic consequences of corruption;

  • The application of new anti-corruption legislation;

  • Corruption risks and corruption offenses;

  • Search and collection of information from databases;

  • Anti-corruption tools;

  • Combating corruption in the field of public procurements;

  • Protection of whistle-blowers;

  • Drafting analytics in the field of anti-corruption;

  • Advocacy campaigns on combating corruption.

Requirements for instructors / experts:

  • Practical experience in preventing and combating corruption;

  • Experience of doing workshops on similar topics;

  • Eagerness to provide informational and advisory assistance to program participants at the end of the workshop.

Please send the following information to in order to participate in the competition for the position of instructor:

  • Resume including the work experience over the given topic;

  • Commercial offer;

  • Workshop plan;

  • Performance measurement plan for the workshop.

Please indicate the title of the training module as the subject of your letter.

Contact information: