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Compliance – is the effective method of preventing corruption.

On October 5th, 2017, a private lecture was delivered by Ario Dehghani on “Compliance as an effective instrument to fight corruption in Ukraine” in the frames of the joint project involving the ACREC Anti-Corruption Hub and the American Library of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
The Redcliffe Partners Compliance Manager Ario Dehghani has covered a lot of issues in the course of the lecture, including on the development of compliance at a global level as an effective tool for combating corrupt practices, on the status and prospects of implementing the compliance practices in Ukraine, on the most widespread use of the compliance practice in the everyday life, on the governmental support to the compliance activities as well as on challenges of implementing compliance practices in Ukraine and ways to overcome them.
Among the other issues discussed in the course of the lecture were the following:

The scales and negative impact of corruption. What damages are inflicted upon the economy of individual countries and overall impact of corruption on the development of global economy;
Measures taken to prevent and combat corruption around the world;
What is the impact of systemic corruption in Ukraine on the business and investment attractiveness of the country?
The lecture is available at: