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Competition for the position of assistant to Professor Jordan Gans-Morse, who is conducting a research at the Anti-Corruption Research and Education Center of Ukraine (Kyiv-Mohyla Academy)

The Anti-Corruption Research and Education Center in Ukraine (ACREC) in cooperation with the Northwestern University (Chicago, U.S.)( announces competition for the position of Project Assistant among the graduate students or students of 3-4 year of study.

The purpose of the project is to describe the approaches to the establishment and implementation of a code of conduct for government officials. The project includes a survey to be conducted among the professors and students of the Public Administration Faculty. It also includes the identification of focus groups for a more detailed and comprehensive discussion of the following issues: motivation for a student to select a career of public servant, general overview of the civil service and officials, concept and understanding of corruption, etc.

Further implementation of a project requires an assistant to organize and conduct interviews, coordinate the focus groups, and bring in students or professors.

Job responsibilities:

• Working with the university administration to obtain various access permits and documentation;

• Bringing students into the focus groups;

• Organization of interviews and meetings;

• Assisting in organization of interviews and focus groups;

• Drafting presentations;

• Drafting reports upon the results of meetings.

Requirements for the candidate:

• Ability to work independently, punctuality and fulfillment of assigned objectives within the time required;

• Ability to communicate freely with high-ranking individuals;

• Ability to work around 4 hours per day, including regular attendance of various meetings;

• Knowledge of English is desirable, but not obligatory.

Job conditions and salary

Freelance work that includes regular attendance of various meetings and interviews (assignments are sent via e-mail). Working load – half time, 4 hours per day.  Fixed-term contracts is concluded with a successful candidate upon the results of the interview.

Average salary: 4000 UAH per month.

If you are interested in this position, please send a brief resume and cover letter.

Contact person: Jordan Gans-Morse: