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Фінансування сектору протидії корупції міжнародними організаціями дозволяє нам залучати необхідні для реалізації наших кампаній та проектів кошти.

  • Онлайн-переказ через систему LiqPay (ПриватБанку)

Methodology for conducting research on fighting against corruption

  • Course dates 1 September until 30 November

Course description:  The course is designed for students and postgraduates who are planning to research corruption. The students will improve their skills of processing English-language literature as well as writing an academic text in addition to a theoretical course and  interdisciplinary research methods.


  • To learn how to reference theories and methods of studying corruption in a confident manner;
  • To understand the strengths and weaknesses of certain theoretical approaches and methods;
  • To develop the ability of expressing a sound criticism of theories and methods as well as to learn how to listen and respond to criticism;
  • To learn how to process the scientific literature effectively and improve the ability to write academic texts;
  • To develop a research design and conduct personal research.


Lecturers: Oksana Hus, Oksana Nezhyvenko, Oksana Nesterenko.