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Doctor of Law, Professor, Chairman of the Board of the All-Ukrainian League of Lawyers Against Corruption, Fulbright Graduate Student Exchange Program in 2013-2014.

Author of 115 scientific papers, including 2 individual monographs, 5 monographs (two in English) and 5 books in co-authorship. The most notable works include “Countering an Organized Crime in the European Countries” (2009), collective monograph “Challenges of Ensuring the Effectiveness of the Criminal Investigation Agencies in Ukraine” (2010) and collective monograph “Challenges of Adapting the Legislation of Ukraine on Crime Prevention to the Legislation of the European Union” (2013). Member of the European Society of Criminologists (ESC).

Expert in the field of anti-corruption policy, legislative support to preventing and combating corruption, activity of the criminal justice bodies, and international cooperation between countries.